Please identify U(nidentified) F(oreign) O(bjects) in toilet tank

What in the (toilet tank) world is this stuff??? :shock: :weird: </IMG>

The little individual white specks and clusters are some type of bug that skim along the top of the water much like “water spiders” do.

Sorry I didn’t mention earlier, but this is a serious post, as I’m trying to assist ‘fixed income’ friends of friends determine the cause so an appropriate remedy can be applied.

If anyone can definitively identify what this is, please help; or if you know someone who can, please feel free to foreward the photos to them, or let me know to whom to foreward them and I’ll do it.

Thank you for your serious consideration.



I need a pair of long distance ex ray glasses .
I lost my Dick Tracy set I had, Can you give me more help

Roy Cooke

Looks like there is a fungus amungus.

Those are some small pics.

Looks like the water has been there a while. I would think this is a vacant home.

Looks like a job for the tidy bowl man.


Perhaps a previous user confused the tank for the bowl…?