Unusual mold request...

Just got a call for a mold inspection on the 19th of November. The only unusual thing about it, is that its in Missouri. Clients agreed on flight, per diem all expenses, professional fee (me) and lab costs.

Will keep you informed.

Russell sounds like you buddy jBushart recommended you ?..:shock:


No, I did an inspection for them on a house here in the area few months ago.

I had this happen for Timmins. Referral was from a Toronto member. By the time I set it up the Law got involved and nailed the Landlord. I have not heard a word since.

this may be the all time perfect example for the headline below

dang mold will make people do all sorts of crazy things

Are you saying mold inspections are not needed? That people who suspect they have mold should just, ignore it? Interesting view.

no to both in specific situations, locate moisture source is first

someone could find a qualified Industrial Hygienist in the land of MO

no need to try and put words into what i typed
and no to both in very specific situations

someone could find a qualified Industrial Hygienist in the land of MO

a novel consumer protection concept if one was really concerned could be to
pass info on to client
have client contact UCMO
set property up as an educational field test
may save client thousands and get precision results
but that interferes with the all mighty quest for $$$

I think I asked a question and put no words anywhere.

Excellent point about calling the school. Do you do that when doing a home inspection? Why not refer them to the local Home Inspection School and use as a test site? Will cost them NOTHING and they can get their Home Inspection for free.


That’s actually an excellent idea! Even if he did not have the client contact UCMO he could always find them a highly respected professional in MO land which can save the client a considerable amount on all of the travel and other expenses for a visual inspection and taking samples! If a significant mold problem is found that requires remediation then that same highly respected professional could easily be there to write and/or monitor the remediation process, perform follow-up testing, etc. Again that would save the client from spending a great deal of money on travel costs and other expenses to bring someone back from out of State.

But of course that would interfere with the almighty quest for $$$!

Maybe I look at business different than most. I thought the idea was to perform a superior service for a superior fee and get people to get past client to use you based on the the orignal service they received.

I didn’t know it was to bust your butt, go through a ton of schooling, spend a ton of money on ideas that some work and some don’t and then refer the work out.

I don’t see a problem or fault with making money on a professional service. I am in business to make money and provide a superior service. I take the risk I get the reward.

I also provide a remediation report with my unusual samples and findings and have for years. I know enough on the protocol and findings and what to do to alleviate and remediate the problem. You assumed that if an unusual situation was found, that I would just tell them to go elsewhere. Not the way I do business. Hence, there is plenty of business.

Good luck with running your business referring all of it out to schools. Let me know how that works our for you.

I agree
Superior service has always worked for Royshomeinspection .

I don’t see where the problem is about traveling far (out of usual 100-200 miles radius or out of state if no license is needed for the service provided) to offer a service. If the client agrees to pay for all costs, I’m assuming he/she ONLY wants you and doesn’t want a referral or else he/she would have ask for that. If a previous client wants me (not a referral) to go up to Dalhart TX, will pay for all expenses, fees etc… I’m going up, going to give a great service (as usual) and then going to wait for the referrals from a very happy client.

Every home in Missouri has mold in some form and in some concentration. People are allergic at high levels some not. People are sensitive to low levels, some are not. This is why there are no federal, state or local guidelines.

It is always hard to tell if people from out of state, who move into a new home, will get sick for some reason. Could be hundreds of things. Be prepared to explain them.

They are been living in that same house for 26 years…I think if something was wrong when they bought it they would have known by now. They just bought a winter home here in SW Florida…

I always travel if the money is right. Did a commercial job in South Bronx last year.

That school only teaches an eight hour mold class to Industrial Hygienists, the last time I heard.
Russell actually knows more about mold then the most Industrial Hygienist.

The problem is there is not too many people who knows about mold in Missouri. I am turning down work because I cannot get to it. I am working on a 20,000 square feet pediatric clinic right now. They brought in an Industrial Hygienist from New York for the initial evaluation but they decided not to use him to write the mold remediation protocol. After I read his said nothing report, I understood why.

Russell’s client will have the hardest problem finding a mold remediator that knows what they are doing. The good ones are a good six weeks out. Wait tell Russell has to clear a normal Missouri mold remediator’s work. I had to train all the remediator’s in my area and I found out most is untrainable. Sad but true.

So today I am performing my final assessment, going through my rough draft of the mold remediation protocol at the pediatric clinic. It has only been 9 days since I started the job. The tenant who is going to occupy the pediatric clinic gets anxious and has this duct cleaning company (under the supervision of a different Certified Industrial Hygienist) start cleaning on the Variable Air Volume boxes (chiller system) that is in about each diagnosis room. They are not even removing the moldy insulation from the VAV boxes. They are cleaning the HVAC system before even removing the moldy building materials and not even containing the system from the over 2,000 spores per cubic meter of Asperities/Penicillium, I recently detected. I hope they do not want me to clear these clowns’ work, because it is not going to happen. I am glad it was not my client (the building administrator) who did something that stupid. Sad but true.

I have a partical counter for medical buildings to ensure the filters are operating as intended on the remediation equipment. If they are this careless think about all the mold they BROUGHT in by not cleaning their equipment and changing their filters!

Tell your remediators to just push a lot of negative air by bringing fresh air in instead of trying to clean the air that is already in the building. The more air moved the better. Contact me if you want the details.