Up date on Inspector walks away

Performed the inspect on this mess that the inspector from Ka. walked away from. Me thinks he wears pink ruffled panties.

I just bulldozed through this junk made my money and moved on:) Seen worst seen better.

How do you spell mess. Divorce

His loss is your gain

No big deal, looks a lot like my ex’s pad!


My yellow labs pick up after themselves better than that. :shock:

Ex’s pad, is she a goalie for a hockey team???, and wears the same pads for three periods

I walked in on one that I was ready to walk from. It was the poster house for "you might be a redneck if “.
The nicest part of the whole house was the doorstep decorations they were two 20” rims off a truck. The roof had 1x2 wood on the ridge to keep water out, put on about 10 years ago. The roofing material was all over the yard. The garage was rotting off the house. The back yard was literally set up as a two fortified bunkers made out of pressure treaqted 6x6 on each side of the yard. Seven old water tanks were in the back yard. Inside the living room were sheets of galvanized roofing on the ceiling screwed tight at one end and dropped 2 inches to run down to buckets on the other end. An inch of water in the basement.
The bathroom was old galvanised pipes in the walls up to the second floor converted to copper and ran up the wall with plastic sheets strapped to the wall as a shower surround.
I was ready to walk… untill the buyer arrived with his 14 year old daughter. She had the complete renovation planned… Starting with where to put the dumpster. She blew me away. The deal was to close the end of first week in June.
I went by the place last week and most of the yard is cleaned up.

I charge extra for foreclosures. The reason is they often look like that, or worse.

This was not a foreclosure but real close. Yes I did charge extra:)

Charley - What was the original post to make this an update.

It amazes me that human beings actually live like that.

Here’s the original thread. http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=17876

The orginial post was

Inspector walks away

Funny. I don’t recall you being at my house recently. :shock:

It amazes me that you catagorizes them in the same class of species. :wink:

Like some one else said my dogs are cleaner than that.

I did my first foreclosure for a local House Flipper. When I entered the house, the smell of animals was strong. I came in wearing white socks but they quickly turned black from the fleas. I was leaving when I found a can of Raid Fleas Spray and sprayed myself. I continued, but with reservations.

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