Upgrades tonight

Hey everyone,

We’re performing a system upgrade tonight around midnight EST. We don’t expect any downtime, but if you notice anything acting up, let me know on this thread.


Let me be the first. Certain members minds are acting up…:D:p:mrgreen:

Hee hee Larry.

Well, Nick, Chris has been extremely helpful in other areas…

He puts in some crazy hours… but I’m still Mr. 24/7.

Yes, I’m sure that you put in some long days.

Alright… y’all should notice that the site is a little faster now. We’re going to run another set of upgrades tomorrow.

With “kudos” to Mark Timpani, very nice…:smiley:

I agree Larry but your not totally correct some members never had a brain to begin with:roll:

NACHI does not care they are only interested in how many hits the forum gets.