US Inspect is Hiring


US Inspect is expanding our home inspector team in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We would like to invite you to join us for a recruiting presentation that will take place on Wednesday, March 19th in Northern Virginia. If you are interested in attending, please paste the following URL into your browser to sign up to be notified of the time, location, and event details once they are confirmed:

Headquartered in Northern Virginia with teams of inspectors in 28+ metropolitan markets across the country, US Inspect is an employee based firm. We are not a franchise operation. We’re friendly, driven, aggressive, and motivated to increase your income and expand and grow our markets.

Running your own operation presents many challenges. Many of our inspectors once owned their own inspection business as independent operators and are very satisfied with the success they have experienced with increased income and quality of life. We can solve many of the challenges of owning your own business like:

• Aggressive Marketing support, materials, resources and campaigns provided by our Corporate Office.
• Business opportunities to boost your income by leveraging our national contractual relationships with corporate relocation and commercial clients. Because of our national footprint, US Inspect has the ability to knock on national doors and win business!
• In-house, experienced Call Center for scheduling and incoming calls.
• In-house counsel and call back management.
• Errors & Omissions Professional Liability insurance, General Liability and Workman’s Comp.
• Dedicated technology support.
• We cover the cost of all Licensing Fees and Association Dues.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Network Development Team
Phone: 703.293.1555
Fax: 866.390.1236

LOL…yeah great outfit…
You guys stiffed me on a lousy contracted CVS pharmacy job I wasted my time on for you .

If I have to receive business because some turd has banged on people’s residences and bothered
them I wouldn’t want any part.

About as welcome as Jehovahs witnesses and the Vacuum salesman…

No ethics…

Kevin can you tell us how they stiffed you ?

Did you perform work for them as a sub-contractor and they never paid for work performed ?

What did you do about it ?

Hey Bob …
Good to see ya
I’ve been absent as I have no time to even post here much.
Miss ya

Yes exactly they contacted me to do a survey for them at a local CVS
I did exactly as they asked and told them the template that they had
supplied me was incorrect after going back and forth with them .

I submitted the report I created with HIP and all my pics, measurements etc…

They contacted me and asked me to go back and verify what I had already reported
I said hell no you paid me peanuts initially and I’m not your monkey .
I have my own business to run…

So they offered to double the money

I went ahead and did it again and verified what I had originally
noted yet again and placed an emphasis on my findings.

Sent another report with pics , verified the print etc…

Then when the check came it was only for the original visit.

They are con men and liars …

avoid them like the plague…

what did I do about it ???


Bob you’re looking at it …

Telling my Nachi brothers to beware and never drop their standards so low
as to work for a pack of shysters such as these guys…

The way I see it is if you suck so bad on your own and can’t run your own Inspection
business then maybe you belong in the D league with these douche bags.

Karma served !

Thanks Kevin it is so nice to see a feed back on these companies .
I am sure you have saved a lot of homies much money.

Why play middle man and help your comp destroy you?
Exactly why if I ever go multiple inspector will do so as more of a club than as a money hungry cut throat like a few here because ethics are important to me.
Let’s see who takes this as against them. Lol

Exactly Bob …
These corporate douche bags are cancer to the working entrepreneur with a solid game plan.

The fact that they are here advertising on this forum actually puts a flame under my ***.