Getting buzzed by The Blue Angels!

Sitting here in my 4th floor loft in Bmore and The Blue Angels are buzzing overhead! They’re in town for a commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, written in the harbor during the British bombardment of Fort McHenry.

And when they come over they are pretty low and loud as heck.
I wouldn’t want to get on the angry side of one of those! :shock:

I’ve shaken the hands of those pilots at air shows, hoping that something would rub off.:stuck_out_tongue: Top notch fighter pilots, but not as good as the Thunderbirds IMHO.

Yesterday there were low clouds so it was only a partial low level performance, today nice high clouds so they’ll be doing some of their high level stuff too!

Having friends over to watch from my roof, with beers of course!

Always fun.
Like the Stealth bomber fly over even better.

Went to Navy Pier once for a art show and the Military Helicopters were outside the full Glass stair case I was using with guns aimed right at me as they hovered .
Scared the heck out of me .

Had no idea there was a demo going on .

If you want to experience loud, try sitting under a B1 Bomber in slow flight and then going vertical with afterburners…that is loud. This was done at a small general aviation field in St Pete FL which amazed me. Two Ospreys were there too…those are cool to watch.

I was under an F-4 phantom at the end of the runway when it went vertical following take-off. LOUD. That same air show one of the Blue Angels flew right over us way too close for accepted standards. They were grounded for several months after that. It was cool though. Nothing like good ol jet engine noise.

I shot some video on my iphone will try to post on youtube and have link

Shot this with iphone from my roof, they were nice enough to do about 5 flyovers of us on Sunday!