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Hi this is my first time here not sure im in the right place. My question is we live in Clay county Florida & we are selling our house. We do the contract Wednesday then they do the home inspection. The girl buying the house from me is getting a USDA loan. I need to know if you HAVE to have GFI outlets in every room or just certain rooms and what rooms would that be? What about smoke alarms? Im trying to fix things before the inspection happens and need to know what to check on to see if it needs anything done. Thanks for any help also does the inspection vary depending on where you live?

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Any requirements will be in the recommendations outlined by the inspection report and suffice for the loan requirements. GFCI outlets or breakers are relatively easy and inexpensive installs as are the smoke alarms. Relax. The bigger issues, if there are any in the report, will likely be of more consequence (cost). You can always have it written into the contingency clause that you will address any of the “required” items not to exceed a certain amount ($500.00) as an example. Good luck!

You should do some research before you make ridiculous comments. If you don’t know how it’s done in Florida you should stick with what you do know, Illinois.


Typically with the Government loan programs whatever is in the report will have to be fixed. If the inspector makes a big deal out something it can cost the deal. When I do the government loan inspections I always have plenty of verbal notes with the buyer. You should be present at the inspection so you guys are all on the same page.

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I’ve done inspections for clients using USDA loans before. If I remember right, there were a few of their own forms that needed to be filled out, but it was basically like any other home inspection.

Your inspection is still for the buyer, not the loan company, they just require those additional forms.

Exactly. :slight_smile:

Nice job gentlemen. On an open forum politeness, accuracy, and professionalism is the best policy for the general public seeking answers on what are important questions about our profession and trade. Highly trained should not be a subjective matter and accuracy should be the objective… Always!

Well that escalated quickly!!! I DO know what that is. I was only remarking in jest. So sorry if I offended the original post. I guess we can no longer be light hearted. My mistake.

Pam, try contacting any of our fine inspectors located in Fl directly, as one question might lead to more as you go. Remember, we are here to help make the whole process move along smoothly.

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