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I wanted to start a thread to introduce myself and ask a few questions. First off a little background about me without sounding like a bad dating website add. I worked for a Civil Engineering Firm as a designer, CAD tech, and later project manager in the Central Florida area for over six years. The last year I have been working as a HUD, Fannie Mae, and Fred Mack inspector here in Florida, Illinois, and Indiana. I plan to keep the work I’m getting now while I get my own inspection firm up and off the ground.

 Florida dose not require us to have a state license, correct?  I plan on taking every course available, and getting certified in mold and radon.  I have talked to my wife about possible getting my  G.C. License down the road.

 I realize that HUD inspections are completely different then private inspections,  I have a good idea which online exams to complete before making my company live.  Any suggestions from the VETs on which courses to complete before accepting work would be greatly appreciated.

 I have a designer working on my logo right now and plan to use one website to start.  I found Intuit seems to be cheap and reasonable, plus helps you design your page.  Can anyone recommend a site that is good for similar or that you have found helpful?

I have more questions but will wait for responses to these questions first.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Ferguson
Ferguson Home Inspection Services.

Welcome Matthew

Hi Matthew!

I’m sure you’ll get some answers for the FL questions you asked. and are popular web services for HI’s.

Go through any and everything here on for education, it’s a good place to start.

Good luck and welcome

Start with learning about water Intrusion.
It can be the most common and pricey issue.

It is called CYA.

Welcome Matthew

Guess what? Florida will soon likely have something to piss your money and your time away on . You will likely have to become a licensed Florida home inspector if the people in government have it their way. After that and all the fees associated with it you will have the privilege of doing continuing education which will also cost you you time and money.

Welcome to InterNACHI it is a great place to learn a lot about the business and what is going to be happening in the near future.:mrgreen:

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