vacancy inspections

my company has been approach to provide Vacancy Inspections anyone ever done these before what should you charge? and are these services that sub contract you worth it? only an exterior inspection what is requried any pros or cons what’s a good fee base:roll:

You will be paid about 15$ to do this, its up to you to decide if your time is worth that.

Woe, they offered me $7.50 per inspection and I had to take 25 photos.

I generally get $35.00 per, 4-10 pictures, post a note if needed. They have a bubble form to fill out. I get a couple hundred bucks a month, pays for my gas for the month…normally I can get to them on my way to or from another inspection. They generally only give $20 per, but mostly I get the order after their deadline, so I can dictate my pay…

thank you

Better in Colorado I guess.
I got a few calls to do them recently and one offered $3.50 per and the other $7.50 per but up to $20.00 if I had to drive more than 25 miles.

I guess I’m different. I won’t even fire up my truck for less than $50. And 25 miles or 40 plus Km is an hour plus in the city here round trip. They are getting real cheap labour out of anyone who does it for that little bit of money. My time is worth at the very least $26 per hour with a minimum of two hours.

LOL George Adair, where I live the next house to me is a 5 minute drive… I don’t have an inspection closer than a 20 minute drive at the closests… different areas, different drive times, at least my only congestion is when the cows believe your truck is the feed truck and won’t clear out of the roadway! LOL!