Vanguard [ FEMA] Inspectors

These folks are asking for a lot of business information and are offering no correspondence, feedback on expected inspection fees, duration, amount of paperwork, etc. At this time I can not make an informed business decision without completing a lot of paper work, and submitting to back ground checks and I just received another email stating, “Attention all inspectors with recent “MBI” security clearances: As many of you are aware, FEMA has raised the level of security clearance an inspector must have before conducting inspections. All housing inspection contractors are currently working with FEMA to address the issue of how to get all inspectors this additional level of clearance as quickly as possible.”
Anyone have anything to say?

I signed up with them as well and have gone through the MBI clearance check. You are fingerprinted and have a FBI background check done. Not a major issue.

Thanks… I’m not worried about anything, just can not make a logical business decision as to “go or no go” because except for per Diem’s, I don’t have a handle on what they will pay. For all the information requested, I just wonder if it’s worth disruption to my main business, core relationships, to do this and be gone for a while.

I just spoke David Podolsky and he said I would be either working for Vanguard for $35-47.00 per inspection based on experience or BISCO pays $46hr

Vanguard…cheap, real cheap. BISCO @$46 and considering 39% business expenses…that’s $28/hr or one residential inspection a day. If I do this and leave my wonderful Brokers behind, I’ll loose business for $420/day + Per Diem, think not…Thanks

I just signed up for the Los Angeles Vanguard Training this Monday not sure what to expect?.. Also i have not been given any solid info on how much i will get paid, although based on all the contract legal info that is sent to me for signing feels like im signing up for the military for a flatt rate??$?? oh yeah did i mention that once i sign up I Can Not Disclose any more info or else… Well that’s how the Cookie crumbles.

It’s better than PARR was:

I agree with Nick and there are some misconceptions going around. BISCO pays hourly plus expenses and Vanguard pays per inspection plus expenses. At any rate, in Sandy last year I cleared something over what I had grossed in 6 months up to then in 2012, not too shabby for a couple months and don’t see that changing a lot under the current contractors.

I’m area manager up here, referred by InterNACHI, seeking recruits anywhere also and even did a little web site

How many inspections were you doing per day?

Just went thru the process… !!! Yes, a lot of paper work! I had no idea I was going to be interviewed by a Gov. interrogator. WOW! I felt like I was be vetted for joining the FBI or CIA! All business!! It has taken some time (more than I really wanted to put into it) I have to drive 120 miles for my offcial FEMA badge… (they do pay for my mileage :slight_smile: )
Next I’m going to do some research as to the pay and per diem and how quick they pay. The reason I’m doing this is because I am getting some mixed messages from different people. I wish Nachi would give us more information about this!

I did a search and found a couple blog posts where inspectors shared their experiences. It sounds like you can make some pretty good money but for me the big issue is what happens to your regular business when you are away. I figured I would get set up just to have the option, but after finding out how much time the background check takes I decided to pass.

I just finished getting my photo for my badge…WOW! I had to go to the Federal Bldg in St Louis to the Dept of Homeland SEc to finish the process… the whole process makes for a great story. I just put in for mileage and a lunch and now I am interested to see how long it will be before I see a reimburse. Still don’t know what to think, but It will look good on a resume someday ( :slight_smile: I’m retired!) I’m going to search some blog posts as well to try to get some feedback… well at least it is done and I got my badge… YOU never know it might turn out to be a good deal some day… I’ll let you know
Happy inspecting!

I also got “badged” and went through the interview process.

Received my mileage check today. Surprised how quickly they turned it around.