Vendor e-mail

Got this unsolicited e-mail the other day:

"Dear Mr Decker,

Here at EMFADR we have developed a paint for the building industry that will neutralise the harmful exposure to the low frequency electromagnetic fields found in everyday living including homes, offices, schools, hospitals etc.

Our combating Electromagnetic Field “ADR” technology differs from the conventional electromagnetic field shields (which are based on conductive media and need grounding) because it is unique in its make-up and will only block the low frequency EMF radiation and this allows for the body and the earths own natural magnetic fields to still function. The ADR solutions are the first of its kind, both ground breaking and award winning in several countries across the world.

The ADR paint (ADR SOL) will be used in the construction of (please visit this link: ) a new 1,200 strong apartment community complex here is Poland. If I may, I’d like to discuss the possibilities of our ADR SOL product in a mutual business relationship with yourself.

Kind regards,"

I responded to him that:

  1. His e-mail was unsolicited spam. Been getting a lot of that, recently.
  2. That low frequency EMF is not harmful. The EMF fields that the general public comes into contact with can not cause harm. So much for the scares about living too close to transformers or getting cancer from cell phones.
  3. This paint, most probably, doesn’t work, unless it has a very high conductive metal content and is grounded.

I recieved back a response “You have got to be kidding me.”.

I then responded that I was a trained Radiation Safety Officer for a major University and I was not kidding.

Have not hear back from him yet.

Any other scams out there that are soliciting Home Inspectors?

As soon as he contacts Nick and offers NACHI member the best discount pricing he’ll be on the MB.

Sad but true.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Hi, dear

Nice day!

[FONT=NSimSun]*Glad to hear that you are in the market for household appliance[/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman].

We supply the Electric Kettle with good quality and competitive price which got the CB certificate by TUV.

  1. 1.5L;1500W
  2. Thermostat of Jiatai.
  3. Stainless steel:201
  4. Standard of power cord: Copper 30.75mm²80cm VDE plug
    price:$4.5 FOB Jiangmen

  1. 1.8L;1500W
  2. Thermostat of Jiatai.
  3. Stainless steel:201
  4. Standard of power cord: Copper 30.75mm²80cm VDE plug
    price:$4.7 FOB Jiangmen

Hope to be a partner of your company!

Email me or just call me directly.

Thank you!

Thanks & Best Regards
Tom huang
Tongmy Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd
Mobile: +86-018923085597
Tel: 86-750-8138119
Add:Jiangmen city,Guangdong,China

Dear Manager,
we are one of the largest** ductile iron pipes **manufacture in China.
Yongtong Company produces 250,000 ton pipes and fittings annual for **DN80mm-DN1200mm with T joint, N1 joint, Self anchor joint **. We spray zinc and other safe materials outside as antisepsis treatment, adopt cement lining inside and other treatments. Products are widely used in supplying water, gas and so on.
Products of Angang Group Yongtong are produced and inspected according to **ISO2531(GB/T13295) , EN545 and EN598 standard **strictly.
If you need ductile iron pieps,please feel free to inform me.We will try our best to support you and become your long time partner.
Hope to get your reply soon.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Best Regards
Project Manager
Tel/Fax:0086 372 5803125

I get these requests all the time.

Hello Customer,

My name is Jim Harold from Atlanta,Georgia I need an inquiry of ( Tank Water Heater ) with the below specification,

Dimensions :

Rheem Tank Water Heater G100-200, 100 Gallon

Natural Gas
269 GPH recovery @ 50C / 90F
100 Gallon Tank Capacity
INPUT BTU/HR. NAT. 199,900
Requires a 120V Power Source/0.3 amps
73-1/16" Full Height x 30-1/4" Diameter

I need to here from you with pricing and if you don’t have the above size get back to me your sizes with pricing.Kindly advise the type of credit card you do accept and whats your lead time .email me back asap.

Thank you,