Venting for furnace?

IS it ok for the vent to not be sealed to the unit like this.

That’s what I thought the first time I saw the flexible B vent. But that connection is sealed and listed for that purpose.

What part do you find problematic?
Appears okay from here…

That is just a cover and has no other function.
Remove the front panel and take a look as it is connected to the inducer fan.

Recommend you take a heating course .

Thanks. I was fairly sure that it was sealed, but it is always nice to get a second opinion.

Looks fine to me, aaron.

edit ( oops You got an answer already)

Anyone have comments on the flex vent yet?

They make a double waled stainless flexible vent that is legal. I think this is that variety. similar to the product they re-line chimneys with.

Looks just fine.

How about this for a twist on it? Furnace had flex b-vent that snaked around inside the closet for about 6 foot before exiting to the attic where it was attached to b-vent in the attic with duct tape.

3 different appliances venting into one 8inch vent pipe. Furnace, water heater and gas log fireplace. Then the pipe is running horizontal in attic for 6+ ft. before going through roof another 6ft