Ventless fireplace?

I inspected a home with a closed off fireplace. No Damper, no vent, no nothing. First time I had ever seen a ventless fireplace. Is this becoming more common?

Yes, they will turn themselves off before the oxygen is burnt out of the room.

If the sensor is working correctly. I do not trust these units.

Not permitted in some jurisdictions.

That said they have an extremely clean safety record with the O2 depletion sensor.

they can also cause alot of condensation. The ones that i have inspecected were not that great. Almost like the bargin price compared to the other vented stoves in use.

Room must have some air flow and it is recommended they have a CO detector nearby.

They are not totally safe as my HVAC friends dog would tell you if he were still alive and dogs had the power of speech.

Also suggest they hide the log lighter key when children are around.

I always show clients how to light them

HUD will not allow them - in the south we have the ventless gas wall heaters everywhere but HUD guidelines state that they are a health hazard