Gas Chimneys

What is the rule for ventilation for a gas fireplace. Had one today. There is no flue or ventilation.

Was it direct vent?

There are ventless fireplaces. Just make sure it’s installed in accordance with the mfgs. instructions.

. . . and be sure to keep the window open. . .

Hi Jeff, depends on how tight the house is. There are recommendations in the installation instructions. All these units contain an Oxygen Depleation Sensor.

You guys in the cold weather deal with fireplaces all the time. This is the third one I have seen in 6 years. Thanks for all your input


Many areas do not allow these type of units to be installed. In here, you will get many opinions. Do a search on non-vented units on Google, and you will learn a lot.


Here is a FAQ page on the topic at hand.

I would never have a ventless fireplace installed in my home…







Thank you for your opinion David. However they are allowed in most jursidictions and HIs need to be aware of of what is permitted in their area.
I believe CA and NYC are the biggest exceptions to that.:):slight_smile:

I completely agree! 100%