Ventless gas fireplaces

On occasion, I see a ventless gas fireplace installed. How are you writing this up? Do you have a paragraph that can be shared? Thanks

Do not use it: period. Suggest evaluation by specialist to install proper outside venting.

Do some internet searches. There are various opinions. Best to be safe than sorry.


They can be used safely.

They are equipped with a O2 depletion sensor that disables the unit if it is not burning cleanly.

They do add some moisture to the home and hey should always be used in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

A CO monitor should also be installed on the same level as the ventless heating unit but that is a requirement in most areas anyway.

You will find a number of scare sites but that is what they are.

Approved for US, not for Canada. If you are in an area with Canadian style winters and the home is tightly built etc. etc… you might want to say that ventless is not the best choice for heating. On the other hand if the area has mild winters, windows are left open, why not?

Some states and local jurisdictions do not permit their use.

ALL need to know the rules for their area.

This association does not like them…

Critics point out that this sensor is typically located at the lower part of the unit near the floor, where it detects cool, fresh, oxygen-filled air and misses hot combustion gasses as they rise and pool toward the ceiling. And if the sensor fails, any CO-producing abnormality experienced by the fireplace will continue unnoticed and potentially harm building occupants.

They are banned in Canada and half the U.S.A for good reason.

Even the manufactures tell you not to run them for long periods of time .


If you read what i said, they must always be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

They are very safe when used in that manner.

and thanks for reposting the scary site. It so helpful :sarcasm: :shock::roll::roll:

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I call them “unvented”, and include my article

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