Un-vented fireplace

I was wondering any input as to the use of in your area. I for one could not install and use within my home. Such as area of enclosed space that is not conditioned area. Enjoy hearing from you.

IMHO there is no such thing as an unvented fireplace, be it gas or wood.
If it burns it needs a fresh air supply…

I see them from time to time. I don’t like them. A couple times Ive felt light headed after testing them. One time I had one set off the CO detector. They’re banned in many countries and some states here in the US. I tell my clients to get a contractor who specializes in them the check them for safety before first use.

If there is fire it will suck up oxygen…Yep!
All fires need proper air exchange.

Vent free gas fireplaces, gas stoves and log sets are not legal for use in Canada.

I looked at one for heating my three season porch as they come with an oxygen depletion sensor. If I was going to do it, I would make sure that I had a good CO sensor as well. Ended up going with a mini-split instead.