Ventless Fireplace

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What can I do to minimize health hazards Filters Monitors What kind What Brand Can a person turn a ventless Fireplace into a vented fireplace and more… My name is Julie Phone number is 865 654-8722 Need Help on this There is so much info Don’t really know which way to go

A ventless fireplace is very safe. Most are 99% efficient meaning it does not put out carbon monoxide into the home, so you do not have to vent. There are safety features on a ventless fireplace, such as a sensor that will turn the flame off if the oxygen is burnt out of the room. Ventless is the only way to go in my opinion.

A system manufactured, designed and installed by the manufacturer (Firebox and Burner) to be Vent Less configuration can not be converted to be a Vented system that I am aware of…

What is the concern?

Always have a carbon monoxide detector nearby and never place in bedrooms or keep all the windows sealed in a small room while operating over long periods of time, banned in many areas. Not sure they are all that safe so be careful and follow all manufacturer recommendations.

Why are they banned in some places, Bob? Everybody uses them in my area.

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I am confused by this statement. Don’t you mean the sensor will turn off the GAS if the oxygen is burnt out. If there is no oxygen in the room, there is no flame.

Before all the oxygen is burnt out of the room.

I had a house that was totally heated by ventless wall heaters and never had a problem.

They do all kinds of weird stuff in Chicago…

Ventless fireplaces are banned in Canada and a lot of other places.
They are limited to 30,000 BTU.
The natural products of combustion are CO2 and water, neither of which are particularly dangerous, but can cause damage or even kill you, water vapour in the air will increase humidity. CO2 can smother you, but as pointed out, when oxygen is gone, so is the flame.
It would be a bad idea to use a ventless fireplace for heat in a house which is built tight (lots of insulation, vinyl windows, weatherstripped doors etc.) and all the doors and windows are closed.
Probably OK in an older house with leaky doors and windows, or only used when a window or door is open.
If you want a gas fireplace for heat a sealed firebox direct vent fireplace is totally safe because it uses outside air for combustion, and exhausts outside as well.

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Where there is fire there needs to be a fresh air vent…IMHO.