Viewing Summary on Mobile Device

I read in another thread where Dominic mentioned “Inspectors can review summary reports on their mobile device, they just can’t generate a final PDF”

How is this done? It would be very handy to have this in my verbal summary to clients.


Dee Robert Inman

RW West Consultants

Hi Dee,

On the main list of sections make sure your ‘drawer’ at the bottom of the screen is open. Click the first icon and it’ll open to a summary mode. You can also click any photo to see a slideshow with captions.

Thanks Dominic! That is a great tool.


This was just the question that I was asking about to another inspector. For some reason I must be missing something. What version is this for?

Hi Scott,

This is on the iPhone, iPad, Android or Chromebook version. It has been around for almost 2 years. The button is on the bottom left of the “drawer” when on the main list of sections.Thi