vinyl flooring ages...

Anyone know what the practical life expectancy of vinyl flooring is. I’ve seen a document that says 50 years, but practically the rolled vinyl that we see in kitchens and baths looks bad well before that. Maybe the typical warranty age?

I would never give that stat.
Too many variables.

It’s not for a home inspection… its for something else. I’m attempting to determine “normal” wear and tear, versus “damage”. I know the vinyl is at least 10 years old and probably 18 years old.

Normal wear and tear is the foot traffic area and damage is cracked ,peeling or torn material.

Pretty obvious on looking.

The biggest issue is getting rid of the cr-p and using something better (even linoleum).
Many feel no need to use adhesives and just slap them down with peel and stick.

Here’s the issue…

Renter moving out, house is immaculate, built in 1992. (I would rent to these people in a minute…military family.)

Land lord is attempting to keep part of damage deposit for these stains. The floor is in great shape with the exception of these stains. I’m calling this normal wear and tear on an old floor. But was looking for info on what is considered normal as for replacement ages on vinyl.

Good luck on that one. Looks like something wet damged the floor to me.

Just got off the phone with a local flooring company and he tells me that their warranties are either 5 or 7 years depending upon the manufacturer. Once I explained the scenario to him, he agreed that the land lord was trying to rip these folks off.

I agree
Trying to rip them off

looks like staining from drips off a portable cabinet to me.
This is a kitchen and no one moves cabinets to mop.

Vinyl tile is cheap and he should have spare tiles on hand.
What does that stuff run? / 50 cents a square foot tile ?
Give me a break.
They put that stuff in cause it is cheap to begin with and easy to install.

I do HQS inspections for the county housing authority. If I go out on a move out inspection and flooring is damaged I figure an average of 6 years for carpetl, vinyl.
If it was brand new when tennant moved in and stayed 3 years I would figure only 1/2 of live remaining. 300.00 new **150.00 if it was tennant damage. **If it is cheap a@@ vinyl I 'd tend to say tough luck ya got what ya paid for.

It was the cheap rolled vinyl that you see installed in new construction all the time. This house was built in 1992, and I suspect is original. The tenant was there for a year. I’m not assessing any monetary values, just documenting and giving opinions.

Did you try a little fantastic or powdered SOS to remove the rust stains?:mrgreen:

No, I used what the land lord had in his truck that he gave me. I wasn’t going to use anything of my own in case it caused more damage… I used a white rag, and absolutely none of it came out. So it was in there good. If it would have come out, I would have cleaned the whole area for the tenant. They are good people serving this country that are being taken advantage of.

WD40 would take it right out.
Old trick and just read the back of the can to see what I mean.

It will also take fresh paint and adhesives off your hands!!
Best thing since duck tape

Duck Tape.JPG

It all so beats Duct tape in a game of paper , scissors ,rock

Yep, I got proof…WD covers duck tape…duck tape does not stick to WD