Vinyl over aspestos?

Im looking for opinions, concerns, methods.
My house has aspestos panel siding & I know the best way is to have the panels removed.
But I would like to put 1/2 insulation then vinyl over it.
Any help is certainly appreciated.

What kind of panel siding and how do you know that it is asbestos containing material (ACM)? Did you have it tested?

Typically, ACM’s can be encapsulated without removal and cost somewhat less than dealing with removal and disposal of the ACM.

When it comes to ACM’s, the best way is surely not the cheapest way.

I haven’t had it tested.ill post a pic if I can.
Thank you for the response.

Photo of assumed Asbestos

That does not look like asbestos .

Agree, dosen’t look like any asbestos i’ve ever seen.

That 's because it is painted, Bob.
Look where he pulled back the metal corner, you can see the original white surface.
That siding painted well.
Had that our our house when I was a young pup.

I would recommend having it tested.
Siding on top of this siding is a little more challenging if you don’t want all the broken pieces falling behind the new siding.

Not a pattern that looks like and that picture is blurry.

That asbestos cement siding came in hundreds of patterns. I installed a variety myself. :slight_smile:

It looks like the asbestos we came to love from the 50s and early 60s.

Yep, that siding would last a 100 years no problem. :slight_smile:

Not in Colorado…

Not in Colorado…

Why not?

Mainly hail…

We had a storm last year that shut down the Colo Mills Mall from May to November. They got it open just in time for Black Friday.

That same storm I did a few ACM inspections for damaged siding and one of the homes I sampled had similar siding, it looked like a warzone. All of the West facing windows were shattered, the front door was dented and damaged beyond repair and the siding was all over the yard in pieces. Even the roof sheeting was damaged beyond repair. Looked like someone went nuts with a ball-peen hammer…

I didn’t think about the hail, it is not a problem here. Yeah, that cement siding didn’t take to lightly baseballs either. :slight_smile: