Voice Recognition Software

I am dying to try this software…I just fear looking/sounding like an idiot to all the others in my office building. Can you train it with whispers?

Tony, When you set it up. You have to set it up with a normal tone of voice,no whispering,those secrets. It sure saves a lot of time on the keyboard, and it’s fairly easy to set up. I got mine at Amazon.com for about 170 bucks. I’ve just been using it today. And I haven’t had any problems with it so far.

I just got mine off of e-bay for 49.00 brand new sealed in the box.

Guess you can get them cheaper out there. I opted for the Dragon Naturally Speaking 9. So I guess you get what you pay for.

Did you get the “Standard”, “Perferred” or “Professional”?

Larry, I got the preferred package. I also got a $40 rebate. But that rebate has expired, at Amazon.com.

I got the preferred.

What you got was the series 8 Preferred. The updated version, which is series 9 is what I got. That’s why there is a difference in price. They had a deal on Amazon.com, where you could get a rebate of $50. If you send in your old series 8. That’s why it was less expensive because it’s the older version.

Yes you can but it just transcribes the text very very small :mrgreen:



I got series 9 preferred. I guess I just got lucky with the price.:slight_smile:

This is the one I got.



So JB is on his own, still, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

D.N.S. is the easiest interface V.O.P in my opinion. Even with my southern drawl, it picked up exceptionally well right out of the box. What I found was, I would come across a particular word which it just would not understand & after I finally spelled it a few times - we were good to go.

priority = pro or 80 This was the hardest word I can remember. The hardest thing for me, is to remember to tell it to go to sleep, so it does not type a whole page of conversations. Talk about incriminating evidence. :wink:

I use Interspect voice software and I love it. You can dictate with it or use voice commands that are integrated into the process of inspecting. It supports dictation when no predefined narrative exists. You use a wireless headset while you walk around the inspection. The software is pretty remarkable and the company is top knotch.
I recommend to anyone that before you purchase a software program to speak to Interspect Voice representatives and test out the software.

Jeff Cardile
Lookout Capital Inspections

That would be :humph: , :wha?: ,:mwa-hah: ,:twisted: ,and :mrgreen: .