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This venting system allows you to adjust air and water flow

This mouse has reached the end of his useful life.
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Just on more shim should level the floor.
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Obviously this jack is for a compact car, and not rated to hold up the bump out here. A jack for a larger truck maybe
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Because of the acid content in the tomato and the wrong brand of tomato paste used for a flue vent I recommend a repair. LOL
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This is the property / Home of a Builder in Delaware / Chester County, PA …
This is one of 2 homes inspected…
2 single family homes on 12 acres…

The Buyer is also a Builder / Developer…
These sampled defects gives you the impression of the overall existing build…


It leaked so I used teflon…
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This tpr is 20 " above the tank
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Why move the downspout when you can just build the chimney around it. Right through the chimney.


Half Burned and Half Re-Wired
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Good thing he wore a size 40 pant…the 36 would have been too short!


There’s a cold draft coming from the ash pit? No problem, stuff it with your unmentionables.

I struggled for an hour trying to think of a way to include “flaming underwear” in a professional home inspection report.
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Weldbond glue doesn’t fix everything.

This chimney cap was cracked in three locations clear across it’s width and an attempt to repair with glue was made. (the bottle of glue was left on the roof by the cricket)


Okay now this is how we make a totem pole…I mean support post …cut a branch and stick it here!! Notice the shim lol


“We don’t have alot of crawl spaces here so can you blame them for getting it wrong.” Said the Realtor.
My response was “YES”
They dug a trench under the footing and the post was a mess. I count five ceder shims and a cinderblock. No footings under them as well!!
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The lint can still get out if the flap can’t open…Right?
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They are all excellent examples but for me, No. 16 is a new one to me.

i was sweating a new outside faucet and asked my wife to go outside and hold it straight. After I finished, I went outside to see she held it straight- with the nozzle pointing upwards/ that dryer vent remimded me of it.

It is designed that way… to prevent rodents from entering when open.

This was not the designed installation

I would think 140 degree moist air would be enough of a deterrent. :slight_smile:

Well, looks like #16 is becoming popular.

Continue the voting, some others are good too.!!:slight_smile:

Too bad the jack was not holding up the house instead of just a bump out. That would have got my vote. LOL

When you are all done on the ReCall thread, Please Vote when you get a chance. :slight_smile:

You’re better off asking everyone to take a break from it, I don’t know if it’s ever going to be done Marcel :slight_smile:

If i saw a jack holding up a house Id have submitted that one instead, its what I found…maybe next month?

Don’t forget to Vote in between the Hot Topics out there. :wink:

33 votes so far Please get your vote in now for Picture you like the best .

Thanks to all… Roy

33 votes so far Please get your vote in now for Picture you like the best .

Thanks to all… Roy

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I can’t seem to vote, but I think 12 is the best. I love inspection nightmare photos–it’s ridiculous what some folks do to their homes!

Amazing to get so few votes Roy for Members to vote on a simple defect picture but then 1000’s of views on other posts that members fight back and forth verbally.

I don’t understand it myself.

Let’s see…

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28 sub total
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**33 **total votes to date!

**Yep… perhaps it’s time to put this baby out of it’s misery! **

33 votes so far Please get your vote in now for Picture you like the best .

Thanks to all… Roy

Only 5 days left,Did you vote yet …

This poll will close on 1/26/13 at 8:09 PM

Do you have some interesting pictures ,
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Thanks to all… Roy

and actually since I voted 17 times it would appear even fewer participated

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