Accepting Nominations for Best Defect Pictures for January 2013

Nothing like New Years Day to get a New Year of Best Defect Pictures from some of the best Inspectors in the US.

Last year was a great year in Defect Pictures.

Let us start a New Year with your best find of Defects here.

Thanks to all that participate. And have a good New Year ahead. :):smiley:

This venting system allows you to adjust air and water flow

Are we doing different categories every month? or just anything goes from month to month?

Whatever works for the Members at hand. :slight_smile:

One submission only with one picture if possible, the Poll is limited to 24 pictures.
But you can enter every month as before. :slight_smile:

I like not having a specific category every month, since half the time pics get entered that don’t belong in that category. :slight_smile:

Exactly, easier for all to participate.

Thanks Martin.:slight_smile:

This mouse has reached the end of his useful life.


That will teach him tapping around a Double Tapper. ;):slight_smile:

Just on more shim should level the floor.

Looks like you did not have much room to move around there John. :):smiley:

Yes, very tight (24") give or take. Not sure if I’ll do that again. Lot of dangers I notice once I got in there. Difficult part was turning around to get out. Client was happy with the discovery. Can’t say the same with the property owner (Flipper).

I know the feeling John. Sometimes I will go in as far as my flash will work on the camera and that is it. :slight_smile:

My being a Canadian inspector, I guess I/we should refrain from submitting pictures from now on…:roll:

Obviously this jack is for a compact car, and not rated to hold up the bump out here. A jack for a larger truck maybe :wink:

Let’s keep the good Defect Pictures coming. :slight_smile:

Well, unfortunately 4 Pictures will not cut it for a Poll.

Anyone out there interested for the January Best Defect Picture.??

Just saying. :slight_smile:

How about all looking at some of their previous Inspections and giving us some more Pictures Soon as possible … Thanks … Roy

aw come on…you guys can come up with something, this month cant you?

Because of the acid content in the tomato and the wrong brand of tomato paste used for a flue vent I recommend a repair. LOL:mrgreen: