Wadsworth Service Panels

Any of you sparkies familiar with Wadsworth Service Panels? I encounter mostly Square D’s, Cutlers and Westinghouses with the occassional Zinsco and outdated fuse panel. This one was a first for me and I am curious if it has its own little nuances (or common defects). The client likes the look of the breaker handles!:slight_smile:



The picuture is kinda fuzzy, but it looks like it is time to replaced that box - the bottom is rusted through.

Agreed, that looks kinda nasty, plus is that a double tap on the bottom left? I am not sure that service parts are still available for that panel.



They’re neither good or bad. They’re just old. They never were especially popular. You might also see the Wadsworth panel under the SEARS and Montgomery Wards brand names.

Since this panel was stuffed inside of a tiny closet that held the electric water heater, this was the best picture I got after a dozen shots. That isn’t rust on the bottom of the panel interior, it is a tar like substance. I believe I cited two double taps in this panel.

Were they sold with those SEARS catalog homes?