Wadsworth Panel

I inspected a home yesterday and found an old 100 AMP Wadsworth panel. It looks very unusual. I haven’t inspected a panel like this before and I could not lift its front as it was painted over with several layers of paint. I couldn’t open it without damaging the wall or fasteners. Does anyone have any experience with these panels?


[size=2]Pictures are attached.[/size]

Good panels, expensive breakers.

A very respected electrical contractor that I was on a consult with recommended that a Wadsworth panel be upgraded. He mentioned it in the same breath as an FP or Zinsco.

I would have to disagree with that assessment. Other than the age of the system, there are no inherent issues with Wadsworth systems.

You dont cut the paint to remove the cover?


I’m with JP here. Wadsworth panels are a little hard to find breakers for in some areas, but they are very serviceable.

Thanks for advice guys! I explained to the client that the panel is ok but the breakers are hard to find. They are planning to replace the panel anyway when they buy the home.