What type of box is this

Does anyone know what type of box this is. The tax records show this home as being built in 1971.

Oh, and go ahead and pick out the deficiencies.

5270 NW 172.jpg

1" breaker like a Westinghouse, but plugs onto a flat bar like a Zinsco… that would make it a Wadsworth breaker panel.

Thanks Marc. And what year would you date that to be. Looks older than 1971 to me.

I have no idea, brother. Every Wadsworth panel I’ve ever seen looks identical to the one in your picture. I’ve developed the opinion that they only ever made one model of panel. Not sure if that’s true or not. I see maybe 2 Wadsworth panels a year, and I’m in a heck of a lot of panels. I was in a Montgomery Wards panel today. First one I’ve ever seen.

Yep…here is a upclose look at the Wads breakers…


There is an older development around here where every house has a panel like this one. My client had this one replaced.