Wall flashing

What is the proper wall flashing detail for the top edge of cultured stone veneer applied on a gable wall that stops at the eave height. There is a horizontal trim board directly above the stone, and fiber cement siding above that.

Thanks, Matt M.

Flashing needed.jpg

Hi Matt,

I would want to see a base flashing applied lipping over the stone underneath the trim board, this would realy be a “Z” flashing extending up underneath the trim and siding by 4-6 inches Idealy with a rubberized self adhesive counterflashing applied prior to the trim.



Kinda like this one except a gable end with stone instead of a window and stucco! Allthough they need to have this with the lick and stick brick and stone. IMO http://www.badstucco.com/repair2.html
It is the same concept! At the sill of the window.

Thanks for the replys. That is what I thought was needed.

Matt M.