Wall leaning into wards building


I got a call from a client, for a home inspection, one of his main concerns was to check on a wall that was leaning towards the house (im thinking foundation) and causeing water damage. He was informed that it had been fixed. Has anyone had a similar situation happen ?

thanks in advance:)

Cause of wall-leaning was…? It has been fixed…any paperwork/guarantee on this supposed fix?

And water damage…what was supposedly done about that?
Please don`t say an… ‘inside system’ was installed. :mrgreen:

I dont know yet the inspection is tomorrow,
i was looking for possible heads up to what i might find,
perhaps some one else had a similar challenge.

Homeowner may have covered the inside wall,maybe not. You might see something like this http://picasaweb.google.com/DrE.Genius/Muncie/photo#5188543394759519858

Wall anchors like these may/might give a lil support to inside wall ‘where they were applied’…doesnt mean poured/block wall still wont bow in further afterwards, especially if the CAUSE hasnt been diagnosedn repaired/removed etc. The cause is often-not always, lateral soil pressure and or roots and or porch footing etc. If they/contractor put wall anchors up as in pic it doesnt mean they diagnosed/removed the CAUSE and they didnt waterproof exterior of wall, still leaking as ya.

Ya might see beams or carbon fiber straps, again, does NOT mean contractor removed the cause and certainly doesn`t mean they repaired/waterproofed the leak/cracks etc.

Couple stories…last one ‘Timing matters’…an unsound basement wall BEHIND drywall http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=730483

You may see beam(s) or wall anchors etc inside and…see something like this http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=219825599/a=122238283_111847456/t_=122238283

Walls were recently painted,see efflorescence,mold-mildew on walls. That crap is still there and will continue to be there because the inside system that was installed does not stop/prevent water from entering the cracks on exterior of block walls.Nor does it stop/prevent insects from entering the same cracks.

Same here,first 4 pics http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=235313554/a=122238283_111847456/t_=122238283

a few pics…
2nd pic on left…lateral pressure CAUSING top of basement wall to bow in…(pilasters failed to brace wall)
top 2 pics, crap done on inside…inside system and injection. Not good.

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If a wall is leaning towards a house, it’s got to be a retaining wall.

Sorta like this, but towards the house.

Post pictures when you’re ready. I’d like to see the issue.

yeppers,maybe it is…clarify plz or just post pics when ya can as Mr V says.

I definatly will post pics , thanks for the info

Turned out that it was bad communication between realtor and buyer which traveled to me the HI, to be something completly different.

it was a sloping grade not a sloping wall, and yes the area had been fixed.

wow what a difference

So we don’t get pictures?? :frowning: