Want to make sure I know what I am saying

Home was built in 1949. Main panel has been updated but the SEC appears to be the original.

Main breaker was rated 100 amps.

The hot conductors are tinned coated and are 100 amps.

The incoming neutral conductor was 2 sizes smaller. This is pictured and is the wire at the bottom of the bar.

Now after reading a book called electrical inspections of existing dwellings it states the following:

" *In older installations it is not uncommon(or defective) to find that the incoming neutral is one or two sizes smaller then the hot conductors.
Because the neutral carries only the difference between the loads on the two hot conductors, it does not have as much current on it."

*I just want to make sure I report and understand as it makes sense.

Now the exterior weatherhead and mast support were severely rusted and the SEC was older. It would make sense to replace the exterior components and update the older SEC.

Am I making sense or do I need to be corrected.


124708 032 (Small).jpg

124708 032 (Small).jpg

124708 006 (Small).jpg

124708 031 (Small).jpg

124708 032 (Small).jpg

124708 006 (Small).jpg

sounds as though it was replaced with out a permit does the panel have an inspection sticker showing the new panel was inspected by the AHJ. maybe it is in an area not requiring inspections. my understanding is as an inspector it is not our job to know if the codes have been followed but we should report what we see and possibly refer to a quailified contractor for futher evaluation. any other thoughts welcome

Is that not up to the POCO.?

im kinda new whats POCO thanks

Hi Dave I’d say you’ve got it and are good to go, I would also be recommending upgrades to the mast and SECs

BTW for the member who asked POCO simply stands for the POwer COmpany