-WANTED-Best Defect Plumbing Pictures

We are looking for plumbing defects pictures.

The pictures will be entered into the poll where members can vote for their favorite. [FONT=Verdana]The prize is a case of books for the winner of the poll. See: http://www.nachi.org/now.htm#shipping](http://www.nachi.org/now.htm#shipping)[/FONT]

[FONT=Calibri][size=3]The first 10 (one each person) will be used.
Please share your plumbing defect pictures.

Here is one from yesterday’s inspection.

It is the WH TPR valve discharge pipe (rubber hose) connected directly to a drain pipe…

Thanks, Marcel.

Boy, you guys sure do it differently in Canada. :shock:

I have not built up a folder of defects but found these at the same house.:roll::shock:

Yes the supply lines are going thru the wall

To the sink
Not just plumbing in this picture but take your pic of defects under this sink

Sorry guys I should have only attached one photo.OOPS.

Yes the drain pipe maybe rusting

Someone forgot to cap the cast iron plumbing system before running the septic dye test. Sump is full and a new pump was installed, one problem, there was no electric in this area to plug the pump into.#-o

My favorite water heater of all time. From back in 2005. OK so technically it’s not one picture, but it is one item. There was too much there to be contained within a single image. I had multiple pages dedicated to describing defects with the water heater alone.

If it doesn’t qualify, just toss it out. I’ve got lots more where that one came from.:twisted:

just repiped

Some great pics so far…

This is my ultimate plumbing pic…

Why bother purchasing the properly sized piping when you can simply melt it with it blowtorch, bend it in place and then reinforce it with an extension cord.

Perfect uphill plumbing…

Just curious David, was it leaking?

My all time favorite - :smiley:

Tap on Trap.JPG

Bill, that is a classic I think you got my vote !!

Bill… I think you are the winner. YUM YUM

Literally a bottle cap for a cleanout.

A literal bottle cap for a cleanout.

Nope…dry as a bone.

Ewww. I concede. :vomit:

It looks like we need one more picture to get the poll going.

Anyone help us out with a good one?