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Greetings NACHI Members:

I am a new NACHI member (just joined this week, in fact) as well as to the home inspection profession in general. Currently, I'm a full-time contracts manager with a very large, international consulting firm. I recently decided to change careers and are now in the research and start-up phase of a private home inspection business. I had hoped to solicit some advise from those of you "hardened veterans" out there so as to get this thing off the ground the right way. I'm sure many of you out there have some good lessons-learned from this business and I'm hoping you won't mind taking a moment or two of your time to share some of this experience with someone new to the industry. Some information I am currently lacking is as follows: Training; where do I go to get the best training possible? Should I attend one of those week long seminars, or is a home correspondence course just as effective? How do I know if the course is recognized by other associations and/or fulfills annual certification renewal requirements, and what about NAHI and ASHI? Are these "must have" affiliations to being in this business? How long should I plan to take before actually making a reasonable living in this business? I recognize each persons situation is different, however, I'm considered highly motivated with above average knowlege of the home construction industry. I have no doubt I will become a top-notch home inspector. I'm located in Henderson NV, which is a few miles south of Las Vegas. Does anyone know a contact in my general vicinity who wouldn't mind a "ride-along" or two, and who may be accessible with some local advise on starting out in NV? Any advise that you can provide is greatly appreciated. Having been a very active participant in a professional association for most of my career, I recognize the value that these type of forums provide. I look forward to my affiliaton with NACHI, and to meeting some of you in the future.


Dean McGlasson
Henderson, NV

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Hi Dean,

welcome to the forum and the industry, the question of education is very close to my heart as I chair the Nachi committee on on going education, and I teach home inspection techniques and practices at a Community College here in sunny Massachusetts. As you are probably aware there are a heck of a lot of training companies out there, some good and some very poor, I do not know what opportunities there are down in Nevada but I would suggest that a taught course will serve you better than home study especially if it includes a hands on element, and your request for ride alongs is without doubt the best in terms of experience, but look to inspectors an hour or so away from you, as no one like to be breeding their own competition. good luck with your search for training and if you wish private message me through the forum, with your available options down there and I will be happy to give you any advice that you need.


Gerry Beaumont
NACHI Education Committee
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