Washington, D.C. area consumer needs inspector to oversee construction project.

I’ll post on our message board so that DC members can contact you.
Till then, go to www.OverSEEit.com

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Subject: FW: Re: Need Advice on How To Proceed or If NACHI Is the Right Organization
Mr. Gromicko,
I had some problems with my original building permit; it expired and I was required to go through the whole review process again (arch. Drawing, etc.). I am now clear to begin my whole house plus addition project!
I am very much interested in obtaining some help from a NACHI member to act as my advisor (see my previous email below). What is the normal (average) fee for this type of service? Is there anyone you can recommend in the Washington-DC metro area? I would like to contact at least three members for comparison.
My contractor, though I believe he is honest and does excellent work; I also would feel much better if I could have someone who comes in on my behalf to advise me if the project is being done properly; not cutting corners, according to DC code, etc., etc. The work started yesterday to dig for the footings on the addition so I would appreciate your speedy reply.
I can also be reached by phone at (202) 606-4747 office or (202) 277-7758 cell. Thank you.