Water heater/Boiler flue connections (gas)

This water heater was installed two weeks ago and attached to a horizontal boiler exhaust flue. The gas-fired boiler has a draft hood. My concern is the “T” connection of the water heater exhaust to the boiler exhaust flue. I believe this should be a “Y” connection; I also believe the boiler exhaust flue is incorrectly sloped. Also note how the spill switch mounted on the boiler draft hood was never wired (installed 1985). I would appreciate second opinions. I wrote it up as being incorrect. thank you

The Tee connection would work for me due to the size of the primary/boiler exhaust but I would do a draft test to ensure it was drafting properly. The horizional run on the boiler would not work for me I would write it up

Does any of these appliances have an inducer draft blower on them?

James, No draft blowers

Slope needs to be 1/4 inch per foot Mark.
Personally I always call out tee connections .

In my area, tee connections like these are allowed on natural draft appliances. If the slope is not like Bob says then it needs to be corrected.

Slope is not present. NFG

The connection does not look right along with a disconnected switch…
I agree…
and would recommend the same…

Being that close to the main chimney flue I would not worry about it and do agree to write up the missing spill switch and the 1/4 per foot up.
The connection does not look well sealed and may be inserted farther in. Full evaluation should be done to correct.