Water heater line

This copper water line is being tied into the drain pan line. It’s the line to the right of the right unit. What is the purpose of this line?

A shut-off valve equipped with a thermal expansion control device. Either that or an expansion tank is required if the house is a closed system (has a valve that prevents pressure spikes from relieving back to the municipal system; i.e., a pressure regulator). The tubing is usually Tygon.

I hope you either removed the blankets or disclaimed the water heater (the shell could be corroded and you’d never know).

Maybe the TV and newspaper house “experts” will learn one day that water heaters are already very well insulated and stop telling people to wrap that crap around them. If the cost of the blanket is $10 the time to recoup the cost would be about 10 years.

Bruce i tried to tell someone that already . didn’t work ( HGTV fan )

I’ve heard that some manufacturers are now voiding warranties if a blanket is installed. Anyone know if this is true?

Water heater blanket info.


I have heard the same thing going back years.