Water Pressure Measured on Inspections

What’s the highest (or lowest) pressure you’ve measured at a Home Inspection?

I’ve had lots near 140-150 or so… 170 psi measured yesterday in Palmdale is definitely one of the higher numbers I can remember.

I’ve measured about 20 psi from wells as well.

You didn’t need a gauge to know there was something outta whack.


My home 185 You did not need soap in the shower off comes a layer of skin .
I reduced it down to 45 lbs much nicer .

Highest pressure ive come across so far is 90psi
Lowest I’ve has was 35psi on a well. Home owners knew of the problem the had a new pressure regulator ready to install laying next to the incoming line.

Maximum water pressure should not exceed 80psi.

My highest has been 120…

Gotta be sure your gauge isn’t wacked also, I got high readings once, didn’t catch it for a couple houses. oops

My street pressure is 180 psi. Much of Santa Clarita has ultra-high pressure. Regulators don’t generally last more than 4 or 5 years in our area.