Water quality and Indoor air testing recommendations

I am considering adding theses two services to my business. What recommendations does anybody have for companies to use for these services. The newsletter has a couple of companies who advertise for these… Priority Lab and Simple Lab. Any thoughts? Thanks

Any labs close to you that you can try and give feedback?


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Mold / air - Whatever you do, stay away from inspector lab. Absolute junk equipment - 3d printed parts and everything. I can say that I invested $1200 in testing equip and supplies but only about 1% of clients ever wanted it even when I’d package it up and make it look like they got huge discounts. Gonna be different for others though.

Water - find a good lab locally where you can drop off or overnight to. Usps is usually about $28 here. I see some guys offering $25-50 tests. Doesn’t include the big stuff like lead and arsenic. You’ll want to find out what’s prevalent in your area. I only offer full testing that includes both unless it’s for a VA loan. $250 for the test but about 60% of samples have elevated arsenic. People get their money’s worth and they come to realize it. :slight_smile:

Learn septic and wells if you haven’t already. Them thanks smell like $300 each.

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I have been happy with Simple Lab for water testing so far, though it does take quite a while for analysis unless you pay extra for rush turnaround. Several options for different testing parameters.

Back when I used to do a lot of mold testing, EmLab was my go to. https://www.emlab.com/

That’s part of my challenge, I’m in a rural area with no labs close by. It would involve shipping or driving a ways to deliver the sample. I will investigate more though, thanks Larry

Thanks for all the other comments fellow inspectors! Helpful in making these decisions.