Water Testing Suggestions

I cant seem to find a lab that will test for everything except one that is a hour and a half away. My local health department only does bacteria. My mold lab only does lead and copper. My state turn around is slow I’m told and expensive. Has any used the LabTech H2O kits you can buy at Lowes? Are these a bad idea because it puts the testing all on us? I’m just wondering about liability in that situation. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Have you checked with well and septic guys in your area. My understanding of the water tests is it all depends on what you WANT to test for. The more things your testing for the more expensive the test is. With wells the main things are lead and bacteria, but there are a host of others.

Should also be testing for arsenic, iron, and nitrates.

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There was good advice in your other thread a few weeks ago. You obviously chose to ignore it.


I appreciate that suggestion. I am a Certified Sommelier in the Court of Masters and studied the Cicerone program for years. I am also into Mycology. I actually have a good understanding of organic chemistry. I want to be thorough in making sure I am doing what is right for the customer, I am legally covered in case I get sued, and that I am offering a fair price. I think I have done that at this point. I was wondering if I could get the price lower. I do appreciate your cautionary advice however.


Why send the water samples out? You should be able to taste the difference. I can see how that is extremely helpful for Home Inspections. :roll_eyes:


I would verify this information.

Is very good advice.

Are you well testing?


There are other factors too


Will do. Thanks


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Thanks for the suggestion