Water Quality Certification?

Looking for recommendations for getting certified to perform water quality testing and labs to send samples too? Fastest? Best or should I say reliable? Ballpark prices to expect? How much do you charge for this service? Thanks in advance, Kenn

Ken, I use ETR labs. The FHA kit cost $45 from them with a prepaid shipping container. I charge $125 for the test with the home inspection. $150 by itself. The reports are emailed back to you. They recieve samples 6 days a week.
I hope this helps

Joe Farsetta has such a course in class and on CD.

When you take a sample, get paid in two checks. One check should be made out by your client to the lab, and ensure that the results are sent directly from the lab to your client. Do not accept pay for the actual test or provide the results of it to your client unless you want to accept the total liability for the accuracy of the lab results, yourself.

Draw a thick line between your role as the sampler…and the lab for the test and report.


I thought you were supposed to come to Certified Well Sampler in Atlanta last year?

I did come Joe, remember I got sick and had to leave on the first day, during the Commercial class you taught. So I could not make it back the next day.

Joe, how much is your course, with S&H included? Thanks P.S. Can it be taken online or just CD?

IMHO and for me personally, instructors for the most part detract from the information they are conveying. Joe Farsetta is the exception. Try to take his course live, in a classroom setting, with Joe teaching.

After you take it… you’ll understand why the Founder of the entity that has more online inspection course approvals and accreditations than all other schools combined… recommends you take Joe’s course live, in a classroom setting. Trust me on this one.

… and here is a little taste of Joe in action: http://www.nachi.tv/episode35

Timely article.

well I am waiting tell me about the second check

Ahem. Well…for those who have to ask…send the second check to me. It will cover the fee of having you take the sample and delivering it to the lab.:wink:

Nick, this is not possible for me to do at the present time, are you saying I should avoid the CD version? I assumed it is a live recording of the course, no?
BTW, I know it is always better live, because of interaction. Ken

Ken, I have taken Joe’s course through his CD and found it to be very informative. Any distance learning has it’s limitations because you can not ask questions right then and there. However, there are enough people on this board that have taken Joes course and others that would be willing to answer any questions you would have about water and well sampling. I would highly advise that you start compiling other reference material in addition to taking Joe’s course. The course will help educate you in some of the things to consider when doing water sampling, but it is not an all inclusive definative guide to the subject. It will provide you with the basic information to learn how to do specific searches for information when you don’t know the answer.

I have a lot of information in PDF files that I have compiled in addition to taking Joe’s course that helped me understand and communicate the importance of doing water quality sampling. I would suggest taking the CD course if you can’t make it to one of his classes. At the very minimum, it will let you know right away if it is something that you want to get involved in offering to your clients.

I requested info (via website) on the CD course, have waited a couple days; is that normal to wait a couple days without response.

I don’t know, he has not answered mine either, here or by email.

Thanks Scott, would you please PM me with maybe some prices you charge, if you don’t mind that is. I promise to keep them confidential. Ken

You can see them right on my website.

Well Inspections in PA Look under Pricing Link

Great, thanks Scott. BTW, very nice site! Ken

Can anyone recommend a Certification course on water quality, besides Joe Farsetta’s, please? Thanks, Ken

Look into joining the Water Quality Association. They have a couple of certifications, mostly geared towards water filtration salesmen, but they have a certification for general water quality. The course does not deal with anything related to wells, only water quality and knowing what tests to run and understanding what they tell you.