InterNACHI releases new Well Water Sampling Agreement.

Hello Nick,

Nice contract agreement!:smiley:

We need to find a number of labs that can perform water testing at an economical cost for InterNACHI inspector. I was using ETR but the cost is to high ($150.00) + shipping and clients will not pay that kind of money (Cost + shipping + $50.00 profit margin) -Xwell water testing, they rather go to the local labs. Can you contact labs to support InterNACHI.

We were purchasing the kit (include the shipping container)



Joe Farsetta teaches the most comprehensive class on this subject to be found anywhere. Heck, the CD weighs about seven pounds, just from all of the data recorded on it.

(How’s that for good ol’ NACHI hyperbole?)

The point…Joe teaches that a prudent inspector will carefully draw the line between the sample taking and the water test by requesting that the client write a separate check made payable to the lab for the test. You now have a clear paper trail demonstrating to the client and to any party observing the transaction in the future that ALL you were actually paid for was collecting the sample, itself. You did not charge for nor receive any compensation for the actual testing of the water.

You see, one can disclaim any responsibility he wants to in his contract regarding the test and its results (errant or otherwise) — but if the court finds that you were paid for those results, yourself,your disclaimers can be overruled.

Don’t collect water samples without taking Joe Farsetta’s course. You will not be disappointed.

Here is the website for the Certified Well Sampler Course:

Here is the show on water quality with Joe:

Don’t forget to add Water Quality to your ancillary services: