Water resistant covers for can lights in bathroom

The ceiling is 12’, but no water resistant covers for the fixture directly above the shower. Would you write this up?

Generally they’re not required above 8’. They’re not require below 8’ if they are not subject to shower spray.


Just to clarify, what type of fixture?

recessed 6" can

OK, so at 12’ nothing special is required.

yea, that’s what I was thinking from a risk perspective, but wanted to confirm the code. Oops, there’s that word again.

Why not have it go through a GFCI receptacle as to protect against murphy’s law.

What if water does spray at the pot light and what if the cover does not seal well etc.

Beauchemin,Marc-Andre (CMI)

Lighting outlets do not require GFCI protection.

In the US that is…:wink:

It is still not a good idea to install a light in the shower. The difference in ambient temperature up above the can light may create moisture in cold weather. IR will show a high temperature and possible moisture migration above the can light. For this reason I always tell my clients to check above this area for moisture. They should install a high-powered vent assembly to remove moisture and should designed with a light on it installed just outside the shower. If this cannot be done I would recommend a light on the wall and not at the ceiling creating a penetration and pathway for moisture.

True. Sometimes I forget to look up at you Norther folks :smiley: