Water softener drain or what?

Found this in the attic and wonder,
if this is how they installed a drain for the backwashing cycles on the water softener? Should it not idealy be below the top of the head od the softener and less than 20 feet away from the softener?
How would you wite it up?

Picture 023 (Small).jpg


Picture 023 (Small).jpg

Whatever it is
no trap
no air gap

Drain for Water Conditioning System improperly connected to Waste Drain Vent in attic.
Short simple and to the point.

Are you sure it is a water softener drain and not a condensate pump discharge as the hose in your pic looks larger than most water softener drains that I see. I can not imagine running a water softener drain to the attic but I suppose any thing is possible in this business. Its not right regardless.