Water / Well testing

Tapping into the well testing market (pun intended)
We have a local lab so my part would be collecting the sample and bringing it to the lab. After 16 years, I’m not sure why I haven’t offered this service before. I have checked with my insurance to add this service without any problem.
Wondering how many offer this and what type of disclaimer / agreement you add to the provided report from the lab. Of course, I will hand it over for my lawyer to approve, but it’s much cheaper for me to bring something to him to amend / approve than it is for him to write it from scratch.
Thanks in advance!

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Mississippi / Louisiana

you & others should search “nachi” xyz agreement
they’ve already created their version of most ancillary services that should be passed on to your biz atty for review before utilizing

Is the lab state certified?

Possible disclaimer:

I am just taking the water samples per the lab’s protocol and delivering them under the same lab protocol. If you have questions that I cannot answer call the lab and they will discuss them with you. (At least, the lab offered to do that for me and my clients and you can ask for the lab’s protocol sheet e.g. how to sample, how to store until they are at the lab, etc.)

I had one clients testing that the lab had to send to the state university to have tested and the clients total water sampling/testing bill was over $1,800.00.