Waterproofing a basement from the inside

Waterproofing a basement from the inside - Fine Homebuilding


I’m sure Bubber will approve. …;-):smiley:

loool same old…

Todd Cory question via email… ‘water leaks through block foundation wall in-at the CORNERS’

Here’s some videos of leaky corners of block foundation walls with some mold etc on inside blocks, first 3 we just did

another corner same house

a look at some mold etc inside

Another leaky corner, just leave these OPEN? lol

Another corner, deteriorating… allow it to get worse, huh?

yeah sure, fine home building, uh huh.

For future referance, there is no such thing as interior water proofing. It is interior water diversion

Great point.

It amazes me why people say builders make the best home inspectors.

If the builders did their jobs right, we wouldn’t need as many Home Inspectors. :cool:

There are three (cost-effective) ways to fix this problem, from the cheapest to the most expensive:

  • Proper water management from the outside
  • Proper Water diversion from the inside
  • External waterproofing

Other ways to fix it is to lift the home and re-pour the foundations (a little bit OTT) or

(the one most typically used by homeowners)… Move and hope a Home Inspector isn’t used for the purchase. :smiley:

You’re saying these are fixes? Or are they both diversions?