WDO requirements Wisconsin

I have came for help due to exhausting my resources. Anyone know the requirements in Wisconsin to be able to fill out a WDO forum for VA Loans (Npma-33) ?
Does every home inspection company who provides this WDO service get their pesticide applicator license?
Thank you

Thanks Jeff, but I don’t see anywhere that explains that “in order to do a WDO inspection I need a pesticide applicator license in the state of WI” ?

From my research, you only need the applicator license to treat for WDO in Wisconsin. It is my understanding that there is no license to inspect for WDO. However, with the liability involved, I think I’ll leave it to the pest control companies to verify the existence or absence of WDO activity, especially on a federal form.

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Thanks Joe, that’s also what I saw from my research.

Did you actually read the info at the links I posted? I’m not gonna do your research for you. An inspector needs to be able to accomplish these tasks on their own. I provided relevant links that will get you to the answer you are looking for… IF YOU ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND what you are looking for, because your original post sure doesn’t show that you do!

Last tidbit…

Jeff I read all your links in my original research and they were useless.
Thanks Joe for answering my question in 3 sentences.

So how exactly did Joe’s post answer your question?