WDOs in Florida

Since some have called me about this recently I thought I should share…

Many inspectors many not be allowed to perform wdo inspections unless they are Employees of a Certified Operator. The laws clearly indicate employees as ID Card holders.

Also if you are driving your vehicle to the inspection it must be marked, see below.

Now that is some strong organization from the exterminators.

They did what they needed to do to protect their profession.

Sure sucks for us :frowning:

Oh well. I guess the Johnnie come latelies have to play by those dumb *** laws too.

I guess insta-pro status does not creep into everyone’s profession.

For the record most should have known this already before trying to sell a WDO inspection.

Two people contacted me recently asking about it so I thought I would share. You can become an *employee *of a Certified Operator, get an ID card, letter your vehicle and do them. It is a process like most everything else.

After talking with some people from the state they would like to be able to allow HIs to do WDO inspections but the law does not allow it, unless they follow the current law. Many COs do not want to deal with them. In some areas they are done for next to nothing in others they charge a significant fee.

I sub mine out. Only because I have an excellent pair of pest guys that have been doing my wdos for years. They are worth the few bucks because they make me look good.

But some of the clowns I’ve seen over the years I wouldn’t let take out my trash.

I know some inspectors are playing fast and loose with the wdo rules. Like John said, there are options. But a good pest guy on your team is a valuable commodity. Clients are impressed when my team shows up.

Those guys that are playing fast and loose may find a registered letter in their mailbox one day!

Pest control inspectors for termites and other wood destroying organisms must also have a minimum of 40 hour initial field training prior to performing any WDO inspection, but I would recommend a lot more than that.:slight_smile:

They also must provide a sworn affidavit with the following:

I hereby certify that I have received adequate training under the supervision of a Certified Operator, certified in the category of pest control with respect to termites and other wood-destroying organisms, in the detection and control of wood-destroying organisms, I further certify that such training included the following:
(a) The biology, behavior, and identification of wood-destroying organisms with particular emphasis on ones common to the State of Florida
and the damage caused by such organisms;
(b) The inspection forms to be used to report the inspection findings; and
© Applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances.
I further certify that I will not perform wood-destroying organism inspections unless under the supervision of a certified operator in charge who is certified in the category of termite and other wood-destroying organism control.

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc.works with a number of home inspectors and Realtors providing WDO inspections.