We got 12 home inspections and were

2 links, one about home inspectors and other on fixing (pftt) wet basements-basement waterproofing

hmmm, they can bash HI’s and waterproofers but Bubba can’t speak the truth eh? lol shttt

… lazy etc

Maybe they didn’t call any Nachi guys n gals

Another BS article written by an writer who couldn’t be bothered to review and understand the SOP the inspectors were operating under. Didn’t check the blinds???

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THEY claim, most wet basements can be solved with… cheap crap, read the same old cheap crap bs.

Any wet, leaky basement should FIRST be diagnosed correctly and sometimes it IS necessary to do a water test with a hose, dang skippy. This is what MOST waterproofing/waterdiverting nitwit companies-contractors do NOT do, for the nth time i agree and know with zero doubt there are many scamming, lying waterproofing companies, sheesh lol.

So playing cheap games as stated in article does not, has not… diagnosed anyone’s problem which would lead you to the correct fix.

That’s right, adding soil , regrading or adding 159’ long downspout ext’s or digging a stupid swale or shallow trench outside and putting in drain tile along a wall is BS, you NEED to correctly get the problem diagnosed BEFORE you spend one stupid cent

Yeah yeah, the article says the NEXT best approach is exterior waterproofing, and they say the walls are reparged and the trench is filled with same soil, lol, stupid!

one example video of thousands i could post

Listen to homeowner, he had Foundation systems of Michigan over, they did NOT want to remove any drywall to SEE the dang wall and possible—ACTUAL problems! And they wanted $15,000 for an INT system that would NOT have stopped the water from entering

SAME goes for other morons in situation just like this homeowner who, tell homeowners all they need to raise and slope the grade OR add long fat daddy downspout ext’s OR regrade OR mudjack settled concrete slabs or dig a shallw trench along exterior of wall n plop in some stOOOOOpid DRAIN TILES AND SO ON, none of THAT crap… diagnosed the actual problem (s), like for this guy… mostly deteriorated rod holes

Why recommend CRAP that will cost homeowner thousands (swale, regrade etc) when YOUR dumb azz never identified the freakin’ problems, like some weasels in CA-land n elsewhere!!! ID____iiiiiiooooots, YEP

so many peeps ‘get off’ writing about things they know little if anything about