We got the filter project done. Is it ethical? Legal? Residual income for members.

As you know, we have been working on a filter program whereby your clients can sign up for a filter service and you (the inspector) get paid forever.

Changing filters regularly is the number one most economical way consumers can use less fossil fuels, reduce their energy bills, help the environment, and improve the indoor air quality of their homes… all at once. I forget when it is time to change my own filter and what the correct size is.

Anyway, InterNACHI members could very well earn more money from this program than they do their inspection businesses.

I think in Texas, inspectors will have to disclose that they earn residual income from this program, but if you see other issues, let me know.

Here is a proposed press release:

While we are tweaking the program, I encourage all interested InterNACHI members to sign up and get your free starter kit: www.correctfilters.com/distributor

I really believe that I’ve found a way for InterNACHI members to do next to nothing, save their clients money, improve indoor air, and help protect the environment,… while all along, collecting a bigger and fatter check each month… forever and ever.

If you like or don’t like the program, please say so and why. If you like or don’t like anything in particular, please say so and why.

I’m very open to working with you until we get it right.


tried signing up…kept kicking me off…O well…I will forget about this just like the gutter stuff. Sorry but I will fill out your forms, but I will not bend over backwards to help you make money. Spend the time and make your website work

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Where are the “Terms and Conditions” ?


Texas mandated Code Of Ethics:

Yes, it is a very innocuous thing, changing filters, but against the letter of the Code Of Ethics.

As long as we do not work on the system after the inspection (for 12 months) the only requirement I see is a notification to the client that we are making a commission on the activity. The regulations do not even state that you have to tell them how much or what type of commission.

One of the issues that I have always had with this and other similar programs is the sharing of client information. I believed, when this project was first announced and still do, that I cannot and will not send my client’s contact information to a 3rd party with or without their approval. I do see where that may not be the proposed method so that may not be an issue any longer.

I also agree with Manny, that an inspector that makes money from such an endeavor must divulge that to the client upfront. Just glancing at the website I cannot expect many clients are going to be willing to part with $159 for a filter anyway but that’s just me.

All technicall issues repaired. Thanks!

No sign up page?

Call (954) FILTERS. I’ll hook you up.

aren’t we taking a financial interest that the home would actually close?

Good question, but I don’t see how. Maybe someone else does.

Order at your own risk.

I ordered three filters for a client and received the product yesterday. They shipped two boxes. I was thinking that there were 2 filters in one box. I was really surprised when I opened the box at the clients house and saw that there was only 2 filters. I really looked like an idiot in front of my client. It even got worse when I called and could only get voice mail. I know the client was really wondering what type of company I was dealing with and recommending them too. Needless to say my first experience with them has been anything but positive. I will really have to rethink my position on selling this product to my clients. I don’t like someone else making me look like a fool.

All 3 were shipped on the same day. UPS delivered you 2 on one day, and the 3rd today (I tracked it). We have no control over UPS delivering 2 one day and 1 the next. All 3 were shipped. All 3 were delivered.

This is not anything unusual. Order 3 books from Amazon, they all get delivered separately in separate boxes.

Your tracking is wrong because nothing has been delivered here today.

Why didn’t I get a tracking number from correctfilters?

I’m having them find the tracking number now.

I also shipped you another one just now.

Why would you ship me another one?

One reason I wanted to talk with someone was so I could have them ship it direct to the client. That would save me from making a 100 mile round trip to deliver it to the client.

I can understand if it got lost during shipping or was delayed. It was my mistake to assume that there was 2 filters in one box. Better communication between correct filter and their distributors would stop this type of problem. I get a tracking number when ever I place an order with prolab.

Well no filter or a tracking number yet. I guess tomorrow is another day.

Are you thinking about going out of the filter business Greg?..:wink:

Wild huh?----:shock:

Greg, did you get all the filters?

Hey Dale,

NO I quit thinking about it, I am out of the filter business.

Thankfully I learned my lesson with my first order. It is not worth the hassle or my reputation.