We hand changed the syntax on all CMI's phone numbers.

All CMI phone numbers have had the syntax fixed to read like this: (123) 456-7890 so that they look good on your custom Safe Home books.

If you haven’t downloaded your custom book with your name imbedded throughout, find yourself on the CMI website and click on the link to download your custom book. Because it rebuilds the book with your contact information throughout, the download will take a few moments.

We’ve had 10 digit dialing here for nearly 20 years, and almost no one uses that format.

It’s more common to see 123-555-1212.


I get all that.

I was referring to what people are accustomed to seeing when viewing the number. It’s just a casual observation, I don’t care one way or another.

I can make your (any CMI’s) phone number format any way you want it. Just tell me what you prefer and I’ll change it for you:

(123) 456-7890

Only takes me a second.

What we see here is (705)-000-0000 works for me!