We need help from the interNACHI membership!

InterNACHI has developed a chapter in South Africa and we need help to make it grow, to help protect home buyers there.

The old South Africa of racial apartheid is gone, but realtors there hate inspectors because by taking advantage of buyer ignorance, regardless of race, they can still take advantage of their clients. Go here to understand.

Please support InterNACHI’s new South African endeavor by putting a link on your website to the new South African website: http://internachisa.inspectorpages.com

Thank you,


In return, we will supply reciprocal links to help you grow your business.

i can appreciate the need of support and consumer awareness here and there

without interaction from members in S.A. it would be impractical for me to link, essentially endorse anyone without proof of street cred

once S.A. members appear here and on the link Find an Inspector page i’ll make my decisions…

thanks for bringing this to our attention

Received this AM… coincidence???

What exactly are you saying?