We noted indications of rodent activity in the attic

Need I say more…LOL! Peanut butter won again!


LOL are you a licensed exterminator? If not you could be liable for mis-identifying the rodent!


Did you put the picture in the report?

Yep! for sure.

That is one long tail.

A yankee possum! :smiley:

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I’ve seen rat traps in attic on a few occasions, they tie them up so the rat don’t leave with them…

I’ve literally had this same situation except there were multiple traps in the attic with dead rodents. Of course, I put the observation into the report along with pictures, and both the seller’s and buyer’s agents were none too happy about it. Oh well, just doing my job for my client…:smiley:

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I was more concerned about the client not being too happy about it.


Up to the seller or their pest control company to check traps. Smart thing to do before inspections… :thinking: